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We are monitoring cryptocurrencies

As a team, Cyber Signal review the cryptocurrency exchanges around the clock. We are responsible for analyzing the price fluctuations of each cryptocurrency. We start analyzing projects the moment they get listed. We assess the profit potential of each cryptocurrency and the state of its development, the investment risk and the expected growth or decline. We pay special attention to each conference and take influential people their opinions into account. We scan hundreds of forums dedicated to crypto currency. We will not miss the smallest detail, this ofcourse is revealed by the way our signals are published.

We will inform you about upcoming price increases

Each one of our signals is carefully picked and analyzed by our dedicated team. If we notice an inevitable growth potential either short, mid or long-term for a project and we are sure that growth is inevitable, then we will instantly inform you about this opportunity. Our systems work in real-time. Signals are sent around the clock as we have eyes on the market 24/7.


We hand-pick our signals

Each given signal goes to our supervision department. At this stage, every move is carefully watched and trade re-evaluated at all times. The department may decide to recommend you to higher your sell orders but however if for whatever reason, the given signal is no longer expected to reach our goals - we will update the trade and give you further instructions. So that our profits remain secured and maximized.

What if I started earlier?

Thanks to our calculator you could check how your investment would look today if you would have started enjoying our services at an earlier date. Enter your desired investment amount and click calculate, now an amount will roll out instantly. Our calculations are based on real statistic of prior signal results. Each of the signals were received by our subscribers.

How we calculate

INFO! In the calculation, we take into account that 30% of the signals we provide are actually utilized. Most of our clients use fewer signals than we publish, hence we decided to present the most realistic results achieved by our clients.

Selected month , investment amount is . Account balance after is . The whole is reinvested in the next month . The reinvestment operation is performed every next month until the last one is .

Results are calculated using compound interest (continious re-investment).

Past performances are no guarantee for future results.

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Select your package

Familiarize yourself with the Cyber Signals packages, select one of them, pay for it using one of the listed currencies and start receiving our signals straight away!

1 MONTH $79

By choosing this package, you get access to Cyber Signals for one month. Signals can be received on smartphone and computer


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By choosing this package, you get access to Cyber Signals for three months. Signals can be received on smartphone and computer

∞ life time $499

By choosing this package, you get access to Cyber Signals for Lifetime. Signals can be received on smartphone and computer

Receive Cyber Signals

Below is a list of steps given that will allow you to receive our signals. Do it and enjoy your income now.

Step #1
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Install the Discord messenger app to your devices of choice (phone, computer or tablet). Signals can be received simultaneously on several devices, which help you gettings signals at any time, any place.

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Step #2
Select your package and finish payment.

Select your package and finish payment. (Click here to select your package). After the purchase you will be given a one-time use code, you can redeem this code on Discord instantly. You are now a registered subscriber.

Step #3
Receive realtime signals, magazines and tutorials

Receive real-time signals, magazines, tutorials and assistance from the Cyber Signals team.The moment you subscribe, we will guide you to becoming a successful trader. In every signal you will be given a detailed explanation of the trade and given clear target entry and exit prices. If you do not have an active exchange account as of yet, then we recommend you the following: ByBit (Margin), Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex (Margin), Bitmex (Margin)

Why aren't the signals free?

Our signals do not come out of the blue. Cyber Signals exists out of a team of 5, that all have to be paid. The team is extremely talented and has an overload of knowledge and is online around the clock to help you become a better and sucessful trader.

How much money do I need to start investing?

You can start with pretty much any amount, cryptocurrency investing is very accessible and does not require expensive broker accounts etc. If you have $500 you are already looking to make nice profits.

Do I need a lot of crypto knowledge?

This is not required. You will get all the information you need in the signals however Cyber Signals does offer the opportunity to become profound with cryptocurrencies, take a look at our resource corner for example!

Is every signal guaranteed profit?

It will mostly be like that. Every signal undergoes careful picking and is reviewed by several analysts. However, we will not be able to predict the market 100% at all times, which means that some signals could still fail. That is why we give detailed signals with targets and stoplosses.

I paid, so where are the signals?

Usually, you get access within a dozen or so minutes of subscribing. This time can be extended eg at night. Your subscription will be valid for the period of time selected by you from the moment of granting access. You will also receive a confirmation of your access to the e-mail address provided.

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